ROM - April 2015
Mountain Day
Exploring Mount Holyoke
"Dad -- Can you bring some stuff out this week I need to pack up my stuff at the end of the term"
"I'm pretty busy this week"
"We could go for a ride..."
"OK -- see you Thursday"

Sarah attends Mount Holyoke College ("MoHo"), in South Hadley, 20 miles north of Springfield.  Every year, MoHo declares "Mountain Day" -- the entire college shuts down and everyone treks off to nearby Mount Holyoke to climb the mountain and generally frolic.

We decided to have our own "Mountain Day", riding from MoHo to circumnavigate Mount Holyoke.  17 miles -- not very ambitious, but the right distance for an early season ride.  The loop required two short, steep climbs over the ridge line that separates Amherst from South Hadley (or, should I say, the boys from the women).

Rte 116 has a marked bike lane, and aside from the 2-3 miles on the northern edge the roads were quiet and the scenery pretty.  We agreed the distance was just right for our winter-weak legs.  Thanks Sarah!
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