ROM - April 2016
Return of the King
A beautiful April day.  A four hour drive to Vermont for a business meeting the next day.  An inspired wife: "Why don't you leave early, and go for a ride?".

Quick check of the map:  less than an hour extra driving to go visit Mount Greylock again.  Ping to friend James, who got me to do Greylock the first time.  "Sure, can my kids join in?"  Absolutely -- the more the merrier.  James's kids, Sonya and Jacob, are star cross-country skiiers -- not cyclists, but -- how hard is it to ride a bike when you are young and in shape?

Wow, what a glorious day, bright sunshine, 75 degrees at the base, bone dry.  The road up, as it turned out, is not yet officially open.  Bad news, some sticks and rocks on the road.  Good news -- NO CARS!  Just the road to ourselves plus a few hikers.

Sonya and Jacob, of course, turned out to be perfectly capable riders and we enjoyed our climb, rewarded with a fabulous view that extended easily to Mt. Monadnock, 56 miles away.  Having the summit completely to ourselves was a total bonus.  (So was beating my time from last year by over 3 minutes! -- Thank you Wahoo KICKR!).
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James, Sonya and Jacob ready for the climb
War Memorial Tower
Mike and James Kings of the Mountain!