ROM - August 2016
Emperor of Mountains
Last fall friend James regaled me with his trip up Mount Washington, NH.  Tallest peak in the Northeast (elevation:  6288').  "The Hardest Bike Race in the World".  Up the "Windiest Place on Earth".

Preparation:  months of training, including rides up Massachusetts' most challenging rides, Greylock and Wachusett.

Today -- a truly glorious day.  Sunny, no wind to speak of.  70's at the bottom, 50's at the top.

As Alex put it, the mountain is "relentless".  7.5 miles at 12% average grade, with 90% of the ride between 10-15%.  You just grind.  There is no other way to describe it.  As Ron Washington described it in Moneyball, "It is Incredibly Hard".

James, Alex and I were all incredibly proud of our effort -- no stops, no walking, and finish times consistent with our expectations and hopes.  Our bikes now sport  spiffy stickers, "This Bike Climbed Mount Washington".  A much more impressive sticker, IMO, than the pedestrian ones sported on cars!

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