ROM - December 2015
Santa Claus Ride
Twas the day before Christmas
And I looked outside
It's 69 degrees out
Let's go for a ride!

Wow!  Global warming!  Let's put it to good use!  While Ian and I didn't quite get to the North Pole, we did find our way north to New Hampshire on our 58 mile ride.

We decided to jump start with a ride on the MBTA Commuter Rail to Ayer (Fitchburg Line).  We used the Nashua River Rail Trail to get north to New Hampshire, and then worked our way home.  We saw shockingly few bikes early in the day, but as the afternoon wore on and we got closer to Boston, we saw more and more cyclists on the roads.  We waved and wished each one well -- Mike sang carols and Ian wished each cyclist "Merry Christmas".  We made it a point to include the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail on our return leg (soon to be extended south to Acton!).  Home in time to do last minute shopping and head to services.

Wishing everyone the joy of the season!
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