ROM - July 2016
Recon Trip - Mt. Washington, NH
Next month, several of us are planning take "The Hardest Bike Ride In The World" up Mount Washington.  12% average grade, 7.6 miles, 4700 feet of climbing.  The tallest peak in the Presidential Range in the White Mountains.  The tallest peak in the Northeast.

Mike had business in Bretton Woods, NH, and used the opportunity to go scout the bad boy.  The result was a 78 mile circumnavigation, starting and finishing at the beautiful and newly renovated Mount Washington Hotel, where the treaty that led to the formation of the IMF was signed.  The day was glorious, sunny but not hot.  The clerk at the C-store at the base of the mountain laughed when I told her why I was here and wished me luck (as in, you're gonna need it).  Outside of the climb of Crawford Notch (a nasty 1 mile 8.5% grade pull at mile 74), the country was rolling without being steep.  Outside of the descent into Gorham, where Mike gave Alex a new target to shoot at.

The roads were generally good, although the shoulders sometimes got a little narrow.  Classic New Hampshire -- covered bridges, "smallest towns", big ass mountains.  And lots of moose warnings after Gorham, which made Mike think of this video.  Much slower on the later descents.

Results of the recon:  the bad boy is tough, but ... it can be done.  Check in next month!

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