ROM - June 2017
3rd Time's the Charm (Wachusett)
Last week's ride was great.  Reached out to the same group for another ride this week.  Alex and James have races this weekend, but Marc -- was game.  I offered Door #1 (this ride) and Door #2 (something much more Type 1 Fun) -- Marc opted for the "Type 1.5 fun" so off we went to Worcester County, AKA Big Thigh Country.

The result was a 96 mile jaunt.  We enjoyed lunch at Heavy Evie's in Rutland, the geographic center of Massachusetts.  We then rode up Route 31 from Princeton by Wachusett Mountain.  I asked Marc if he felt up for the climb, and he noted "seems like the right thing to do".  Said that "would go on his tombstone".  Good thing his wife Jess isn't on the d-list for bikemass351!  Anyway, after going up Wachusett with James and Alex last year seeing nothing but clouds, this year we actually got a view from the top!  Awesome!

On the return trip, we visited Redemption Rock, where a white settler was "redeemed" after capture during King Philip's War.  Feeling redeemed ourselves, we headed back to Harvard, tired but satisfied.

Previous Rides of the Month
Wachusett Summit -- nice view!
Marc at Redemption Rock
Across from Heavy Evie's - Rutland