ROM - June 2018
Training Day
I love the movie Training Day.  Denzel at his best, coaching his rookie partner with a very unique style.

Six months ago, two young analysts from my firm asked for my help to form a Pan-Mass Challenge team (this will be my 14th year riding and raising money for the Jimmy Fund and Dana-Farber).  They didn't really know what that meant, or much about cycling.  But -- they had energy, enthusiasm, and organizational skills.  I committed to being their Denzel (minus the crack pipe).

On our first ride in April, they learned about cycling Rule #9, grinding out 35 miles in 40 degree temps.  Today, our third ride, was a chance to test Rule #5 -- a train ride to Newburyport ("Clipper City"), and a 75 mile winding route back to Boston.  Our crew of 11 was up to the challenge, enjoying the history of Essex County -- "Washington Slept Here" -- 17th century houses.  We waived Rule #83 for Alex, who endured two flats plus disintegration of his riding shoes (first for me).  We even got a chance to retest Rule #9 in the "City of Sin".  Son Ian did his first century on his own bike!  A more complete trip than our last visit to Essex County

Overall -- an awesome day!  Can't wait for the next Training Day.  And -- if you would like to support our Pan-Mass Challenge effort, you can make a donation here.

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