ROM - May 2014
Concord History Tour
Mike's friend Todd recently moved to Massachusetts from California.  Mike decided to introduce him to a taste of the local history viewable within a 24 mile loop from Todd's new house.  We enjoyed a beautiful spring morning, riding by Walden Pond (subject of Thoreau's iconic work) and the North Bridge at Concord (site of the Shot Heard Round the World, which began the American Revolution).  We followed the route of the Bedford Minutemen back to Concord and toured the Author's Ridge at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Concord, final resting place of Thoreau, the Alcott sisters, Hawthorne and (as Todd displays) Ralph Waldo Emerson, whose grave is marked with a magnificent marble boulder.

Todd now appreciates Massachusetts history a little more.  I cheated here by also including a photo I shot on a Patriot's Day ride last month of the Minutemen re-enactors preparing to face the British at North Bridge.
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