ROM - November 2017
Winery to Winery:  The Sequel
Two years ago, we enjoyed a wonderful fall afternoon riding our version of Harpoon's traditional Brewery to Brewery ride.  Our "Winery to Winery" ride was a success, and led us to make plans for "The Sequel".

Unlike our last trip which centered on the stolen towns King George assigned to Rhode Island over Massachusetts, this year's effort was 100% in Massachusetts, a 35 mile round trip from Running Brook Vineyard in Dartmouth to Westport Rivers Vineyard and Winery in Westport.  We had a large group of friends join us for the day:  James, Elmo and Kim, Alex, Len and Linda.

While the gales of November were right on time, the day was bright cloudless sunshine, offsetting the chill wind.  We of course had built in appropriate "warm up stops" and enjoyed our tastings at both wineries, plus a wonderful lunch at Sail Loft in South Dartmouth (warning:  bridge out -- 4 mile detour).

With the exception of the short stretch between I-195 and US-6 in Dartmouth, the roads were rolling, rural, relaxing.  Stubbled cornfields, accented by the blue of tidal rivers.  We heartily encourage you to explore the Coastal Wine Trail and enjoy more of our local terroir.

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