ROM - September 2014
Chasing Eunice Williams
Deerfield Valley Ramble
"Dad -- I don't have any Wednesday classes this term!"
"Great -- let's plan a ride!"

In 1704, the local Indians (supported by the French) fell upon the colonial settlement of Deerfield, killing 56 and taking 104 captives into the wilderness.  One captive, Eunice Williams, was killed a few miles north in Greenfield as the raiding party crossed the Green River, heading towards Vermont and Canada.  The site where Eunice was killed is marked, the crossing has a beautiful covered bridge, unfortunately damaged by Hurricane Irene.  Mike went over this bridge on his original 351 ride, with the bridge out of commission this 37 mile ride followed the route of the Indians up the Green River, exploring several other Deerfield River tributaries before returning to Greenfield.

The ride up the Green River Road is amazingly beautiful, as long as you don't mind the hard-packed dirt road.  The route is demanding, with numerous ups and downs crossing from valley to valley.  We enjoyed a rest stop at the fittingly placed ancient cemetery at the top of the hill in Colrain (the end of an 11 mile Grade 2 climb).  We learned that Buckland is the hometown of Mary Lyon, founder of Mount Holyoke College. By the end, though we were wishing we had taken the direct route home on Route 2 from Shelburne Falls (an acceptable alternate).  But a great end of summer day -- quiet side-by-side riding through beautiful countryside.
Previous Rides of the Month
Start of the Eunice Williams Trail
Eunice Williams Bridge, damaged by Irene
Bridge is definitely closed! (and we found the pit bull!)
Happy to reach the top of the hill / Colrain
Mary Lyon Mosaic, Town Hall, Buckland