ROM - September 2017
Across Five Centuries
Labor Day is my favorite riding day of the year.  The weather is generally great, and the roads are as empty of cars as any day of the year.  And -- a chance for a "double dip" -- Sarah wanted to explore commuting routes to her new job with a biotech lab, and Ian wanted an afternoon ride after his morning work shift.

So -- a double header -- 20 mile loop to Cambridge, followed by a 60 mile ride with Ian.  We took the MBTA to Lowell (the 9th greatest invention of the 19th century, excluding bicycles), then headed east to Essex County.  Four miles east of downtown Lowell you hit the Andover line -- and it is God's country -- forests, marshes, no cars or traffic -- fantastic riding.

We headed east all the way to historic Ipswich, chock full of 17th century houses, then turned south, past the Myopia Hunt Club (site of the earliest polo field in America!) towards Salem -- site of the famed Salem Witch Trials.  As we crossed over the Danvers River into Salem -- POP! went our back tire.  Changing the back tire on the tandem is a chore, but we had a spare, and continued on.  Five miles later, shortly after we crossed into Peabody -- a second flat.  Our remaining 25 miles home were scrubbed -- fortunately the 21st century solution was at hand -- a cell phone call to Sarah for an airlift pickup.

Were the witches out for us?  Or was this just 21st century "bad luck"?  Only a return to Essex County (like The Shadow) knows for sure!

Happy Labor Day!

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