ROM - August 2015
King of the Mountain
Riding this week with old friend James (who introduced me to Quabbin), I asked if he had done any interesting rides recently.
"Yes -- I went up Mount Greylock last month.  You must have done that when you did your 351 riding?"
"Um, no ..."

Mount Greylock.  Highest point in Massachusetts.  Only Class 1 climb in the Commonwealth.  Our final ride to finish "351" was a circumnavigation of Greylock;  we spent the whole afternoon looking at that bad boy and said "next time".  Next time became today!

It's a simple ride, really.  Follow Route 2 to North Adams.  Park the car on Notch Road.  Just a 9 mile ride along a well maintained road.  Except -- you are about to climb 3000 feet, a 6% average grade.  Things to remember.

Next time, I'll try it from the south end.  It's basically the same ride.  One thing off the bucket list :)  Saw 4 other bikes on the road, we were all pleased with our work.  F overcomes MA!  PS:  1:02 for the 6.7 miles from park entrance to summit. 

Previous Rides of the Month
Park Entrance
2 miles to go -- gonna make it!
Made it! (Trying to smile, really tired)
A little more relaxed, tower was closed :(
View from the top -- Adams, MA