ROM - June 2014
Visiting Johnny Appleseed
"Ian doesn't have school on Thursday - can you be with him?"
"Sure -- I'm sure we can find something to do"

How to fill a free day -- ride the MBTA Commuter Rail to "somewhere" and ride home.  This trip took us to Leominster, hometown of Johnny Appleseed.  The 51 mile ride home took us through rolling rural and suburban countryside.  We got a close up view of Wachusett Dam, which unlike its big brother Quabbin did not need to drown any neighboring towns.  We enjoyed the apple orchards lining the road through Bolton and Stow.  And Ian most of all enjoyed his lunch at McDonald's (always gotta have a carrot to go along with stick of the 50 mile ride).
Previous Rides of the Month
Leominster Train Station -- trailhead
Johnny Appleseed lives on in Leominster!
Wachusett Dam
Apple Picking -- not in season in June
10 miles to go -- we're not dead yet!